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Cà Nuova Holiday Farm...peace and quiet, healthy and authentic cuisine

The Ca’ Nuova Holiday Farm lies in Minerbio, half way between Bologna and Ferrara, in a farmhouse deep in the countryside.

The name Ca’ Nuova has been taken from the map identification given by ancient topographical maps to the area where the farmhouse is located.

The farmhouse was initially used by its owner, Angelo Moscato, as a country house and the surrounding land was cultivated for producing sugar beet and cereals.

Subsequently Angelo Moscato had the idea of designating the property to become a Holiday Farm, combining his personal passion for hospitality to that of farming.

In 2003 therefore, a complete and meticulous restoration project began which in 2005, resulted in a welcoming, welldesigned, property with careful attention to detail.

The land also changed appearance after time and became designated to cultivating vegetables and local products. The production was extended to a small farm holding on the hills of Imola cultivating d.o.c. and i.g.p. vines (Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pignoletto, Albana e Trebbiano), fruit trees and olive trees. The farming techniques are specialised, dedicating more and more attention to the quality of the plants and the crops, treated with exclusively natural products.

Once the farming business was wellestablished, the owner added catering to his business project, taking the produce of his land, to the tables of his Restaurant adding genuine colours and flavours to the dishes.

The menu of the Ca’ Nuova Holiday Farm, based on the seasons and produce of the land, offers typical Emilian specialities, including “crescentine” and “tigelle”. The crescentine follow an ancient Bolognese recipe and the tigelle a traditional recipe from Modena.

In time, the business has become focused towards ceremonies (christenings, first communions, confirmations, weddings) and special occasions (birthdays, graduations, anniversaries) where the menu is chosen by the guests. A particularity of Ca’ Nuova is to enrich the event with ad hoc decorations which apart from always being a pleasant surprise, give that extra touch to make a special day unforgettable.

Children, always welcome at our farm, can make use of a special indoor area dedicated just to them (with crayons, books and games) and an outdoor garden, where they can play with all types of toys. Our small guests can play with the rabbits and cats, Pino and Luna (two small dogs), and meet the geese and ducks in the farmyard guided by the Farm owner’s three children, who are always happy to meet and make new friends!

Your pets are also welcome at our Farm.

The Holiday Farm is the creation of its owner who has personally followed its restoration, the extension of its facilities, the cultivation of the land, and the decoration of all areas.

It’s enough to enter the farmhouse to understand the dedication and passion with which this business is carried out. Its continual development is always open to improvement with the help of guests’ suggestions which are always welcome.